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Dr. Tennant is a plant biotechnologist, with training in the fields of plant pathology and plant molecular biology. Her research has focused on various aspects of the Papaya ringspot virus with emphasis on the development of resistant transgenic papaya, including safety implications. She has authored over 13 peer-reviewed papers and 2 book chapters in the field of plant biotechnology.

Book Chapters
  • Fermin, G., Tennant, P., Gonsalves, C., Lee, D., and Gonsalves, D. (2004) Comparative development and impact of transgenic papayas in Hawaii, Jamaica and Venezuela. In Transgenic plants: Methods and Protocols, Vol. 286, Methods in Molecular Biology, L. Pena, editor. Humuna Press, Totowa, New Jersey. pp 399-430.
  • Fitch, M. M., Pang, S. Z., Slightom, J. L., Lius, S., Tennant, P., Manshardt, R. M., and D. Gonsalves. (1993) Papaya transformation. In: Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, Vol. 29, Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering, Y. P. S. Bajaj, editor. Spring-Verlag, Heidelberg. pp 236-256.
Published Articles
  • Turner, Shawna-Gae A., Ahmad, M. H., and Tennant, Paula. (2005) Differential response of papaya cultivars to Papaya ringspot virus isolates from Jamaica. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) Accepted-Forthcoming.
  • Souza, M., Tennant, P., and Gonsalves, D. (2005) Influence of coat protein transgene copy number on resistance in transgenic line 63-1 against Papaya ringspot virus isolates. HortScience 40: 2083-2087.
  • Tennant, P., Ahmad, M. H., and Gonsalves, D. (2005). Field resistance of coat protein transgenic papaya to Papaya ringspot virus in Jamaica. Plant Disease 89: 841-847.
  • Tennant, P., Souza, M., Gonsalves, D., Fitch, M., and Slightom, J. (2005). Line 63-1, a new virus-resistant transgenic papaya for Hawaii. HortScience 40: 1196-1199.
  • Chin, Melaine, Morris, Walter, Tennant, Paula, Gonsalves, Dennis, and Ahmad, M. H. (2003) Biological and molecular characterization of Papaya ringspot virus isolated from papaya orchards of different locations in Jamaica. Jamaica Journal of Science and Technology 14: 58-66.
  • Turner, Shawna-Gae, Tennant, Paula, and Ahmad, M.H. (2003) Evaluation of wild Carica species for resistance to Papaya ringspot virus isolates from Jamaica. JAGRIST (The Bulletin of the Jamaican Society for Agricultural Sciences) XV#1: 16-21.
  • Tennant, Paula, Ahmad, M. H., and Gonsalves, Dennis. (2002) Transformation of Carica papaya L. with virus coat protein gene for studies on resistance to Papaya ringspot virus from Jamaica. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) 79: 105-113.
  • Tennant, P., Fermin, G., Fitch, M., Manshardt, R., Slightom, J., and Gonsalves, D. (2001) Papaya ringspot virus resistance of transgenic Rainbow and SunUp is affected by gene dosage, plant development, and coat protein homology. European Journal of Plant Pathology 107: 645-653.
  • Cai, Wenqi, Gonsalves, Carol, Tennant, Paula, Fermin, Gustavo, Souza Jr., Manoel, Sarindu, Nonglak, Jan, Fuh-Jyh, Zhu, Hai-Ying, and Gonsalves, Dennis. (1999) A protocol for efficient transformation and regeneration of Carica papaya L. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology Plant 35:61-69.
  • Gonsalves, C., Cai, W., Tennant, P., Gonsalves, D. (1998) Effective development of Papaya ringspot virus resistant papaya with untranslatable coat protein gene using a modified microprojectile transformation method. Acta Horticulturae 461:311-314.
  • Tennant, P., Fitch, M., Lius, S., Gonsalves, C., Manshardt, R., Sanford, J., Slightom, J., and Gonsalves, D. (1995) Coat protein-mediated protection and classical cross protection to control Papaya ringspot virus in papaya. Acta Horticulturae 370:7-12.
  • Tennant, P. F., Gonsalves, C., Ling, K.-S., Fitch, M., Manshardt, R., Slightom, J. L., Gonsalves, D. (1994) Differential protection against Papaya ringspot virus isolates in coat protein gene transgenic papaya and classically cross-protected papaya. Phytopathology 84: 1359-1366.
  • McMillan, R. T., Tennant, P., and Gonsalves, D. (1994) Reoccurrence of papaya mosaic potexvirus in Florida. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 106:146-147.
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