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Principal's Report 2009: Heartening Progress at Mona

UWI MONA ended 2009 in an upbeat mode with the administration scoring high points for achieving many of the goals set out in its 2007 – 2012 Strategic Plan. Remarkably these strides were recorded in an environment of shrinking budget and scarce resources.

Contained in the Principal’s reported titled, “Educating for Development” is a snapshot of these efforts and the meaningful outcomes which illustrate unequivocally that UWI Mona is the premier institution of learning in the region for some 15,000 students and the community it serves.

The report spans all aspects of UWI life and touches on issues such as governance, teaching and learning, partnerships in research, investment in the infrastructure, finances and outreach programmes.

Guided by the imperatives of the Strategic Plan, the institution has created a range of exciting programmes and injected new ingredients into traditional ones in a bid to address national development opportunities, challenges and priorities.

The report points proudly to bold new initiatives including various self-financing programmes undertaken in the face of the current dire economic climate and the national struggle to get the economy back on track.

Another indicator of progress is the record enrollment both from local and international students witnessed during the period under review.

Collaboration with key external partners such as the Jamaica Football Federation, (JFF) the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the Chinese Government will likely result in the creation of a modern international sporting facility, a state-of-the-art student centre and a complex to house the Law Faculty as the institution moves to upgrade the physical plant.

From the Weekend Degree programme to the development of its Western Jamaica campus and including its efforts to reverse male marginalization on the campus, the UWI is diligently implementing its objectives. The report points to the various ways in which campus leadership, students and sponsors have come together with the shared goal of moving the institution forward.

The institution is pressing ahead with its agenda to keep the excellence of UWI within reach of an even larger population of ambitious, high-achieving students.

Download the full report. (PDF: 3.3 MB)

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