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Post Graduates


Prof. Helen Asemota, Supervisor

  • Fabian Miller, “The Determination of Athlete Biological Passport for Sprinters and Middle Distances Runners”
  • Tamara Grant, “An Investigation into the Use of Nanoparticles against the Yam Anthracnose Disease”
  • Daniel Perry, “Investigation into Aroma Compounds in Jamaican Cannabis
  • Bayode Bamikole, “Transformation of Jamaican Yam Starches to Complex Biodegradable Polymer as Substitute for Non-Degradable Polystyrene”
  • Princess Bell, “Investigations into the Anti-Hypercholesterolemic Properties of  Innovative Products from the Biomaterials of Jamaican Cannabis Varieties”
  • Orville Byfield, “Investigations of Yam (Dioscorea cayenensis) Consumption in Jamaican Adolescent Sprinters for Sports Biomedical Purposes”
  • Nikolai Lutas, “Investigation of clonality among isolates of the causative agent of the coffee leaf rust disease (Hemileia vastatrix) across farms in Jamaica”
  • Racquel Wright, “Analyses of Moringa Oleifera Grown in Jamaica for Biomedical Purposes: Nutritional Products Formulation and Oxidative Stress Alleviation”
  • Lowen Williams, “The use of Metallic semicarbazone Complexes in the Management of type Diabetic Rats”
  • Sasha Gay Wright, “Bioengineering of the Jamaican Round Leaf Yellow Yam to Effect Cytotoxicity in Prostate and Breast cancer Cell Lines”
  • Keaton Logan, “The Biochemical Analyses of Chemically Synthesized and Naturally Occurring Compounds against Hypertension”
  • Kenroy Wallace, “Biomedical Investigations into White Yam (Dioscorea alata) Anti-cancer Biomaterial and Chemically Synthesized Compound”
  • Melisa Williams, “Biomagnetic Therapy and the Associated Biochemical and Histological Effects in Type 2 Diabetes Using Animal Model”
  • Dwight Lewis, “In-vitro and Ex-vivo Biotechnological Systems for Sustainable Production of Yam Planting Materials involving Small-holder Farmers in Jamaica”
  • Trichel Oconnor, “Ex-vivo Production Strategy of Low Glycemic (GI) Index Yam Varieties and Applications including GI Studies in Diabetic Patients”

Prof. Marcia Roye, Supervisor

  • Chantal Marriot, "Molecular characterization of geminiviruses infecting crops, weeds and ornamental plants, using next generation sequencing"
  • Jesse Clarke,  "Molecular characterization of geminiviruses associated with ornamental plants in Jamaica"

Prof. Paula Tennant, Supervisor

  • Aliza Lindo, "Genetic diversity, phenotypic and biochemical attributes of Jamaican cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)"
  • Lloyd Johnson, "Characterization of sweet potato viruses in Jamaica. Life Sciences, PhD Botany, Life Sciences, experimental"
  • Deiondra Robinson, "Characterization of begomovirues infecting cucurbits in Jamaica"
  • Damion Neath, "Characterization of army worm populations in Jamaica".

Dr. Sylvia Mitchell, Supervisor

  • Cheryl Green (2019) "Genetic, biochemical and histological analysis of turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizomes"
  • Chenielle Delahaye (2019) "Analysis of antibacterial and antifungal components in tissue culture and wild extracts of Callistemon viminalis growing in Jamaica"
  • Olivia Dyce (2019) "Investigating the role of biochar in maximising the productivity of bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) plantlets"
  • Antoni Comrie (2018) "DNA barcoding and micropropagation of Jamaican Smilax varieties with investigations into the antimicrobial properties of Smilax extracts"
  • Sharae Clarke (2016) "Development of a stable micropropagation system for banana (Musa acuminata, Cavendish subgroup, Robusta var.) from shoot tip to field"
  • Adwalia Fevrier-Paul (2015) "Investigating the role that hazardous elements from the physical environment play in the progression of diabetic nephropathy in Jamaican and St Lucian patients: A Comparative Study"

Prof. Noureddine Benkeblia, Supervisor

  • Tracy-Ann Smith, M.Phil. Candidate. “Comparative Metabolomics and Metabolites Profiling of Ripening of some Tropical Fruits: case study of Carambola, June Plum and Otaheite”


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