Marcel Denny

Featured Quote: 
We can change the world through chemistry, one reaction at a time.
Graduate Student
Degree Pursuing: 
Diamond Status in the Chemistry Honor Society, Wilfred Chan Award for best performance in Organic A and Organic B (CHEM 2210 and CHEM3210)
Current Goals: 
Research and Academia
Next Step: 
Post Doctorate in Organic Synthesis

Degree Type: B.Sc. in Food Chemistry with minors in General Chemistry and Management Studies (1st Class Honors)

High School: Meadowbrook High School

Hobbies: Watching comedy, helping others, playing video games

Favorite Chemistry Course

Organic chemistry to me is the easiest of all the chemistry courses. It is straight forward, and this makes it easy to grasp and apply.

Most Memorable Moments:

  1. Day of graduation.
  2. Representing the department at the 252nd ACS conference in Philadelphia.
  3. Doing research with the lecturers over the summer period.

Why Chemistry?

People underestimate the influence that chemistry has on their lives. We are taking part in chemistry every day without even knowing it. Activities like frying an egg, making a drink, brushing our teeth, toasting bread, roasting breadfruit, your ability to see with your eyes all have some form of chemistry taking place in each instance. Whenever you take medication, buy cologne or perfume you have chemistry to thank for it. This knowledge made me see chemistry in a different light. Chemistry is not merely a subject that we learn in school. Chemistry is a tool or a driving force that can be implemented to make life better for humanity.

How did I cope with the Undergraduate Experience?

As an undergraduate student, I worked part-time jobs, ran The American Chemical Society Student Chapter Club before it merged with The UWI Mona Chemical Society. All of this was done while being a student doing a major with two minors. This was no easy task but I accomplished this through time management. I knew what I had to do and when it had to be done by. Knowing this, my daily schedule was easily made and adjusted where and or when necessary. School work was always factored in no matter what. I made sure to keep this in mind even if it required me waking up at 3 am to start my work every morning. Working with other students in my class also helped.

My graduate experience so far:

Within the graduate program my, skills and analytical abilities as a chemist are improving constantly as I am forced to take my understanding of chemistry to the next level.

Advice to Students

  1. Never give up when pursuing your degree. Challenges may come but it is overcoming them what makes you a stronger individual.
  2. Work together with your friends when study as the material becomes easier when you work with others
  3. Start reading from early and utilized the recommended textbooks.
  4. Never miss your lectures or tutorials they are very important.
  5. If after reading the material and you still lack understanding, go to your lecturer as they are happy to help you.
  6. Take part in other activities to remain balanced.