New Graduates in Chemistry


“In everything you do, do your best; give 100 per cent. Don't hold back; you have nothing to lose. Life does reward you when you put out your best efforts.” These words of wisdom come from Kelly Simon Brown, Product Development Officer at Polyfoods Ltd., a food manufacturing company. Simon Brown fell in love with Chemistry while in 5th Form at Immaculate Conception High School and this love for the subject continued at The UWI where she did a double major in Food Chemistry and Chemistry, graduating in 2009 with a BSc second class honours degree.


She had hopes of pursuing a degree in Medicine, but found tremendous satisfaction in Food Chemistry. As an applied form of Chemistry, she found the concepts applicable to everyday life. “It is not as routine as lab work – that's why I like applied chemistry. You understand the theory and you are able to apply it,” she said.

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