Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Programme

Participate in a New, Exciting Way of Learning Chemistry!

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) Programme

Driven by the dedication to provide an environment that creates and maintains enthusiasm for Chemistry and high quality instruction, the Peer-Led Team Learning project was introduced five years ago. This programme is designed to improve the learning experiences and performance of introductory level students through small group workshops with Peer Leaders. The project has produced satisfactory results and has received positive feedback from the Peer Leaders as well as the students who have participated.


What is involved?

Students get together in weekly 2 hour workshops to:

1. Solve tutorial-type problems

2. Discuss Chemistry Concepts

3. Tackle past paper questions

4. Have fun learning Chemistry


 How is the workshop run?

 1. Students are placed in groups of 8-10 members

2. Each session is supervised by a Peer Leader

3. The Peer Leader mentors and facilitates the students in arriving at their

    own understanding of key Chemistry concepts


 What are the benefits?

  1. Better performance in CHEM1901
  2. Improved understanding of Chemistry Concepts and Principles
  3. Develop good team-working skills


 How can you get involved?

 Sign-up Now for one of the available time slots – sign up sheets available in the Chemistry Office.

 Workshops begin: Monday, September 16, 2013

 For more information contact:  

 Conditions: Come prepared to participate fully. It is free of cost!