Why Pursue Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry at UWI, Mona?

Chemistry is an amazingly fascinating area of study. Through chemistry, we can experience the world in a new and exciting way. We learn to appreciate the atoms and molecules of which things are made, the components of our food and the elements that combine to produce the materials that we use.  Chemistry helps us design the medicines that keep us healthy, to manufacture our food and fuel and allows us to monitor and manage changes in our environment. We often refer to chemistry as the ‘The Central Science’ because it helps us better understand fundamental concepts in biology, biochemistry, physics, earth sciences and many issues in medicine, agriculture and engineering. 

Chemistry at The UWI, Mona will take you on a journey through fundamental principles and concepts, expose you to cutting edge analytical and processing techniques and permit you to conduct world class research, solve industrial problems or give you the opportunity to tackle complex environmental issues.  Our high level teaching staff will help you develop keen critical thinking skills, to become a confident problem solver and to communicate your science effectively, both orally and in writing.

Every day, chemists across the world develop new fragrances and pharmaceuticals, create new materials and food products, make industrial products such as cement, gasoline and plastics, monitor the environment and control pollution.  Our graduates stand proudly among them, synthesizing new molecules for use as drugs, creating novel catalysts and more efficient industrial processes, developing new tests for the products that you will consume tomorrow, or teaching chemistry to the next generation with clarity and inspiration. Begin your journey as a professional chemist, medical practitioner, forensic scientist, food technologist, quality manager, chemical analyst or engineer by studying chemistry with us at The UWI, Mona. A UWI Mona Chemistry degree offers a solid education in chemistry, one that prepares you for work, further study or research, one that has consistently produced graduates of value to the national, regional and global scientific communities for over 60 years.

Why Pursue Graduate Work in Chemistry at UWI, Mona?

Preparing for the future should include plans for obtaining a higher degree in Chemistry, at least to the Master’s level, which will make you stand out in a global and very competitive society. A postgraduate degree in Chemistry is an excellent qualification, not only for careers in Chemistry but in other science-related disciplines which have their foundations rooted in chemistry. Chemistry is indeed ‘The Central Science’ and a subject which prepares you for the world. Holders of postgraduate degrees in chemistry have been successful in business, management, finance and many other areas. 

The Department of Chemistry at Mona offers:
(i)    The Ph.D. degree (Doctor of Philosopy)
(ii)   The M.Phil. degree (Master of Philosophy)
(iii)  The M.Sc. degree (Master of Science, 4 semesters) in Food and Agro-processing Technology
(iv)  The Diploma (3 semesters) in Food and Agro-processing Technology.


The Department of Chemistry has 20 full-time Academic Staff members who, along with their postgraduate students, carry out research in the following areas.

  •   Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH)
  •   Bauxite/ Alumina Chemistry
  •   Classical and statistical thermodynamics of electrochemical interfaces, colloids and surfactant systems,       and minerals
  •   Computer Assisted Chemistry
  •   Environmental Chemistry
  •   Food Chemistry
  •   Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms
  •   Natural Products Chemistry including Microbial Chemistry
  •   Nitrovasodilator Studies
  •   Organic Synthesis
  •   Organometallic Catalysis
  •   Pesticide Degradation
  •   Structural Inorganic Chemistry
  •   Supramolecular Chemistry
  •   Transition Metal and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
  •   Ultratrace Organic Toxin Analysis