About the Centre

The University of the West Indies, Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management (CHTM) was established in The Bahamas in 1978, it was initially and for many years located on Moss Road in Oakes Field. At its inception The Centre offered the Bachelor of Science degree in hotel management with the tourism management programme coming on stream in 1985.

In 1993 the Centre relocated to its current home in the Bahamas Tourism Training Centre on Thompson Boulevard, which also houses the College of The Bahamas’ Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute; and neighbours the College of The Bahamas main campus.

For 33 years the Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management has been committed to the Caribbean hospitality and tourism industry. Over the years the Centre has produced thousands of professionals in the fields of hotel and tourism management making significant contribution to the industry both in the public and private sectors. CHTM graduates have gone on to own their own hospitality related businesses as well as hold top management positions in large regional and international hospitality related organizations. There has also been significant contribution made by graduates of CHTM in the field of education and training with many holding teaching and administrative positions at institutes of higher learning worldwide.

While the campus is relatively small, it is centrally located, within two miles Nassau’s centre, with access to many amenities.  There is convenient access to public transportation, banking and shopping.  The Centre operates within several buildings housing the main administrative offices, the CHTM House Restaurant and the lecture theatre, classrooms and computer room.