Welcome to the Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management

Message from the Director

A warm welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Hotel and Tourism Management (CHTM) in Nassau, The Bahamas! CHTM has been in existence since 1978 and currently provides two undergraduate degree programmes: BSC. Hotel Management (Special) and BSc. Tourism Management (Special). The present location of the Centre, within one the World’s prominent tourism destinations, provides students with an opportunity to obtain wide ranging exposure to industry practices and learning experiences. In addition, a gathering of students at CHTM from across the region, who select to pursue studies in hotel and tourism management, gives this learning environment a real Caribbean focus.

As a student of The University of the West Indies (UWI) based in Nassau, you are supported by the wider UWI community. The management and staff at the Centre are engaging and fully support students to achieve their optimal potential so that they can take tourism and hospitality knowledge and practices to a higher level. Students are encouraged to stay focused on the goals they set themselves to achieve, and to participate in improving the University community here at CHTM.

The Bahamian environment is ideal to harness knowledge about tourism and as a result our students continue to excel as a CHTM teaching and learning environment fully prepares you for the tourism and hospitality industries. Practical knowledge is a very important component of teaching and learning activities at CHTM and therefore students are encouraged to obtain internship opportunities here in The Bahamas, across the wider Caribbean region and abroad. During your internship, students should make every effort to build good working relationships with prospective employers and develop their knowledge and skills.

The UWI CHTM wishes you all success with your studies.

Michelle McLeod, PhD