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Clubs and Societies Description


Tourism Society Club Description

The UWI Mona Tourism Society aim to enhance and support the academic experience of tourism students at UWI Mona through industry exposure and involvement in special projects and programmes with particular attention to providing career building, leadership and service opportunities for members, especially but not limited to those with a specific tourism career interest.  These aims will in turn provide professional networking and social opportunities for members encouraging them to be active advocates of issues of tourism development and operations in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  


Association of Aspiring Accountants 

The UWI Association of Aspiring Accountants was formed in 2002and is a student-led association charged with the mission of equipping its members with the requisite knowledge, exposure and skills in aid of them becoming tomorrow’s leaders. The association boasts major excellences in student development, student support and volunteerism.

  • Student development – At our weekly meetings, members are engaged in exciting, informative and educational presentations from the industry’s leading Accounting, Banking and Public Sector firms. These presentations are geared towards enlightening the members about the Accounting/Auditing profession and assisting members in making more informed career decisions.
  • Student support –The Association offers an annual bursary to two registered and active members as well as academic advice and support through its mentorship programme.
  • Volunteerism - The Association is aware of and embraces its social responsibilities and as such all members are required to participate in our Annual Outreach Project. In addition to our annual outreach programme, we seek to help our fellow schoolmates by completing at least five (5) hours at the Office of Special Student Services & Development.

The UWI Association of Aspiring Accountants is steadfast in ensuring the holistic growth and development of all its members, and thereby continue the building of this our Epitome of Excellence.



UWISERT is a non-profit, volunteer, student-run and student-managed professional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Public Health organization providing basic medical care to the UWI Mona Campus and community.

The Emergency Medical Services Committee has traditionally been the most visible and popular aspect of our services. With the assistance of various members of the medical community UWISERT trains and certifies emergency medical responders. UWISERT responders are available from 6pm to 6am on weekdays and then for the entire weekend during the school year. UWISERT responders also attend most sporting events on the UWI campus to treat injuries that arise during these events. In addition to their training these responders function under the guidance of the medical director and are trained and equipped to rapidly and safely transport patients to the UHWI emergency room when needed.  Over the last 9 years UWISERT has trained well over 500 people in basic first aid and CPR, many of whom have been able to take these essential skills back to their communities.

Chancellor Hall Uplifting Brothers Society

The Chancellor Hall Uplifting Brothers Society (C.U.B.S) was created through the initiative of a Chancellorite and Senior Resident Advisor Mr. Adenis Simms in the year 2008. Mr. Simms vision was to create a society directed by the residents of Chancellor Hall that would serve the dual role of assisting and engendering in the wholesome development of our young men locally and regionally but also to spur the further development of Chancellorites, through philanthropic engagements. Chancellor Hall being the only all-male Hall of Residence on the Mona Campus was seen as a concentration of male ideas and experiences that would engage our young men of Jamaica in a meaningful, constructive and wholesome relationship – not straddled by talks of marginalization but by ownership of our experiences, worth and work for the further advancement of our country and region. Initially the task of the society was for us as an all-male community to mentor young males in the Hibiscus Project Jamaica. However, the society has grown to focus on males in general up to the age of 21 years and other institutions of children and young adults that may require the support and guidance of the society. C.U.B.S fosters capacity building, community service, outreach, advocacy looking at male specific issues and challenges, providing opportunities for social and recreational activities as well as organizing seminars and workshops appropriate to the needs of the participants in our society.

University Dance Society

The University Dance Society (UDS) is a non-profit, student-run organization that actively provides co-curriculum activities for students. UDS provides a space for persons to explore their creativity and passion for dance through fun and fellowship. It strives to provide invaluable experiences in honing the organizational skills of members through planning, implementing and staging a major performance each academic year. Each year the society hosts an Annual Season of Dance that exhibits our talents and accomplishments throughout the year featuring UDS dancers executing the choreographic works of past and present members as well as those of well-established choreographers. UDS was founded by the late Professor Rex Nettleford in the early days of the University College of the West Indies over forty years ago.

UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra

UWI Panoridim is a 26-piece steel orchestra that aims to widen the appreciation and scope of steelpan music in Jamaica. We are a non-profit cultural society of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus, under the auspices of the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts (PSCCA). Panoridim is the oldest steelband in the Jamaica and is a blend of mostly Jamaicans with other Caribbean islanders and a few international students. The band has spawned other professional, church, and school bands throughout the island. As a club under UWI, we teach steelpan technique and performance to all our members. Many of our pannists are now some of the best steelpan players in Jamaica and are prominent steelpan music arrangers, directors and composers. We are dedicated to high quality live performances. Our repertoire covers an array of genres including classical, reggae, latin, pop, folk, dancehall, jazz, and of course soca. The Orchestra has performed at major local events, and has competed and medalled in the World Steelband Festivals in Trinidad. Our concert season (Panfest) occurs during the second semester / summer and we occasionally have shows at Christmas. We are the largest single steel orchestra in the island.

UWI Mona Computer Science Society

The UWI Mona Computer Science Society is a society formed by and for students of computer science or with great interest in the field. This prestigious society envisions itself as a vehicle for inspiring and nurturing individuals to excel in this field both in terms Academia and Industry.  The vision for this society is to become a launching pad for development and exposure of computing students of the University of the West Indies, particularly undergraduate students. This Society is also envisioned as a medium by which the university population and the wider society may become more computer literate as well as educated in the efficacy and efficient use of IT/ICT in industry and the wider society. The Society aims to provide, for our members, the necessary training, information and experience in Information Technology, Information Communications Technology (IT/ICT) and Computer Science in order to enhance their technical capabilities, capacities and leadership qualities.

Bahamian Students’ Association

The Bahamian Students Association (BSA) is an organization that primarily serves as a support system for Bahamians pursuing studies in Jamaica. Members of BSA participate in various multicultural events on campus and in the wider Kingston community. We share our food, music and other aspects of Bahamian culture at these events to expose persons to our rich and unique heritage. This organization is open to the entire student body. Membership dues are collected at the start of each academic year.


Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) is a gathering of people from different Christian denominations that are eager to worship and learn more about Christ. We meet at the chapel on Thursdays from 1:00- 3:00 pm. During this time there are a variety of fun and uplifting activities, dynamic speakers who share from the Word and opportunities to fellowship and share in a comfortable atmosphere. Throughout the year we have events such as our annual production, camp and our lunch hour concert which are always both a blessing and entertaining. We also engage in different outreach and missions activites.  If you want to know Christ and make Him known accept our warm invitation to UCCF. Welcome!

UWI Mona United Nations Club

The Uwi Mona chapter of the United Nations is a non profit organization under the U.N.A.J that caters to UWI students and their needs as it relates to the goals of the United Nations. We are charged with engaging and educating the school population on the affairs of the UN and also to represent the Universities in Jamaica as well the wider Caribbean at the tertiary level in the United Nations. We are also charged to do outreach programs at different levels of the Jamaican society. Finally we seek to steer the school population towards the Jamaica Vision 2030 development policy as well as the United Nations development goals.

UWI Toastmasters Club

Welcome to UWI Toastmasters Club where our tag line is “Where leaders are made”. Toastmaster is a communication oriented club, where we focus on the preparation and delivery of speeches. The club also provides an environment in which one’s leadership skills may be honed. UWI Toastmasters Club was chartered in March 2006 and has been in full operation since then. It is a flagship of Toastmasters International (TI) which is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a world-wide network of meeting locations. We cater to the student and the staff population of the University of the West Indies, Mona campus. The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

UWI Visual Arts Society

UWI Visual Arts Society is an Art Society and a movement towards fostering and refining existing visual arts talent and shaping new visual arts talent at UWI. The members are creative and talented students in the field of visual art as well as those students who are willing to learn the trade of art and its functionalities. The club provides an opportunity to expose students to the real world of cultural art, as art is not only putting pencil to paper and making drawings.  It facilitates student growth in various areas. These include developing creative talent, leadership, time management and teamwork. These will help students to function better in the university as well as to market themselves better as artists. The Club members share different aspects of their talents, as art is a diversified field and no one person has all the methods of art. Everyone however has their own unique style which others may benefit from.  

Preclinical Choral

The Pre-Clinical Chorale is one of three choral groups on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI). The first undergraduate choir of its kind in the island, the Pre-Clinical Chorale, serves as the resident choir for the Faculty of Medical Sciences. In 2002, the chorale was birthed from one undergraduate medical student out of the sheer pleasure of singing and the need to foster a de-stressed environment – to unwind and fellowship. However, despite being in operation for a number of years, the chorale wasn’t officially registered with the University until 2009. 

The Chorale’s mission is to make a contribution to the cultural enrichment of the student corps, while promoting the art and diversity of choral singing.  It also endeavors to uphold a worthy image of the University through striving towards the highest possible artistic standards together with a code of conduct that meets the highest requirements of camaraderie. Today, the choir has about thirty members comprised of first and second year medical students of the University. The exact number differs between choir years. New members are accepted during the open call, which is held at the beginning of the academic year and/or the second semester. Members are Medical Sciences students who exhibit musical talent and concur with the chief purposes of the chorale.

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