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Hall of Residence Application Form (Returning Students)

Hall of Residence Application Form (Returning Students)


Only full-time students are eligible for accommodation in the hall of residence


Students are reminded that they may only apply for accommodation to the Hall of Residence to which they are assigned.


It is very important that you answer ALL QUESTIONS. 

Closing Date: This form must be completed and submitted by March 31 of the academic year.


NB. Late application will not be considered


Instructions: Please complete the form below and tick where appropriate

Choose your faculty.
Have you already lived in a hall of residence? If so please state the name of the hall/halls and the period of time you lived in each hall.
Choose the name of any other hall that you have lived on. (If Applicable)
If you will be holding an official position in Hall or on the Guild of Students in the upcoming year, please state post:
Choose the hall you wish to apply to:
State the reasons for wishing to reside in hall
Co-curricular Activities
I affirm that the information furnished is true and correct and that it is my intention to make a positive contribution to life on the Block, the Hall and the University. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations and realize that failure to do so could result in expulsion from the Hall and/or other sanctions.
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