This page provides access to some of the seminar papers, databases and other e-resources that are produced or generated by the Department.

Summer Institute papers – papers and presentation done at our annual Summer Institute on Trends and Development in Caribbean Libraries.

Guest presentations and lectures 

-    Caribbean studies (currently unavailable)


 Class Timetables

(Semester I 2017/18)
-   Undergraduate
-   Postgraduate

* (Semester II 2017/18)
-    Undergraduate
-    Postgraduate 

 *subject to change


Examination Timetables

(Semester I 2017/18)
-    Undergraduate 
-    Postgraduate

(Semester II 2017/18)

-    Undergraduate 
-    Postgraduate


Exam Past Papers - Access Undergraduate and Postgraduate Past Papers


DLIS Digital Libraries or Archives
-    Digital archive of Department’s photos
-    Digital video archive of Department
-    Archive of tributes to founders and former Faculty 
-    DLIS Connect Newsletter
-    Department Reports


Other E-resources – Other miscellaneous

Accountability Statement

Reference Assistance e-Form