The cost of the test fee is J$35,000. Payments in pounds sterling should be the equivalent of J$35,000.00.

Please click on the following link to register online
Proof of payment (original vouchers) must be submitted before full registration can be confirmed.

All registered candidates will receive free online access to “Road to IELTS”
30 hours of free online tuition in preparation for the IELTS exam

Or you can apply online by clicking here
Send the completed application form, original payment voucher or wire transfer receipt and a copy of your Passport or (Jamaican) National ID to:

IELTS Administrator
IELTS Examination Centre
Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy
University of the West Indies
Mona, Kingston 7

The IELTS test is offered twice per month in Jamaica by the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy, The University of the West Indies, on both the Mona and Western Jamaica Campuses

*** The closing date for application is generally five weeks before the test date. Please note that spaces may be filled in before application deadlines and late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Spaces for tests are limited and applicants will be registered on a first -come, first - served basis.

*** Please note that you are still required to submit a copy of your ID (Passport or (Jamaican) National ID and proof of payment whether or not you apply online.

*** All overseas applicants are asked to enclose a pre-paid airway bill for the return of their test results.

*** Venue details for each exam and candidate is issued upon/after registration. Please include an email contact as our communications with you will be primarily through email. Applicants will require an email address in order to apply online.

**** Your confirmation email will include the test date, location, registration time and start time.

NOTE: The Listening, Reading & Writing tests are all taken on the same day. The Speaking test is done either on the same day or within 7 days prior to or after the registered examination date. Please read your confirmation email carefully to ensure that you are fully informed of your speaking test date, time and location.

All registered candidates will receive free online access to “Road to IELTS”; 30 hours of free online tuition in preparation for the IELTS exam

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you have a disability or other condition and need us to make special arrangements for you on test day. If you are booking online, please make this clear in your application. Please see special arrangements section in your Information for Candidates booklet.


If you cancel your test or request a transfer five weeks or more before the test date, the centre will charge an administrative fee of 25% of the total test fee.  If you cancel your test within five weeks before the test date for any reason apart from medical ones, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.   If you cancel your test or request a transfer within five weeks before the test date for medical reasons, you must provide supporting medical evidence within five working days before the test dates.  Only evidence of serious illness will be considered. Only original medical certificates will be accepted and must state inability to appear for the test on the scheduled test date.  Once the test date has passed you will not receive a refund nor be eligible for a transfer.

Should you become ill on the day of the test, you must immediately (on the same day) contact the Centre or one of its representatives by telephone or email.  If this is not done no refund nor transfer will be effected.  A medical report must also be produced within 5 days of the test date, stating that you were not fit to sit the test on that particular date.

Once a candidate presents a medical certificate, you can receive a transfer up to three months after the initial test date. Any later request in this regard cannot be honoured. You may receive a refund up to six months after the initial test date but not after.


The Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy and the Examining Board take all reasonable steps to provide continuity of service. We feel sure you will understand, however, that we cannot be held responsible for any interruptions caused by circumstances beyond our control. If examinations or their results are disrupted, cancelled or delayed, every effort will be made to resume normal service as soon as possible. The British Council's liability will be limited to the refund of the registration fee or re-testing at a later date.