Do I have to register in person?

You may register  online on the website  Or, you may download the application form from this site, complete it and then scan  and email it to the  IELTS Centre via our email address.  You must also include your ID (passport or Jamaica national ID) and your payment voucher in the email. 

Can I take the test if I do not live in Jamaica?
We welcome candidates from anywhere in the world, so long as their application forms are received by the deadline and there is space available. It is the candidate’s responsibility to arrange his or her own travel and accommodation.

When can I collect my results?
The results will be made available from the IELTS Exam Centre, Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy, The Faculty of Humanities & Education, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, on the 13th day following the test date. If the candidate makes the request, they may also be sent via mail.

May I re-sit the IELTS test?

You may take the IELTS test as many times as you wish.

Will I be able to transfer to another test date?

A request for a transfer of Test Dates MUST be received at least 5 weeks before the elected Test Date. All requests for transfers will attract a 25% administrative fee. A request for a second transfer is at a cost of $1500 ( Please see policies in the Information for Candidates Booklet.)

What if I am not satisfied with my test results?
Candidates may apply for a re-mark (Enquiry on Results (EOR)) at the centre where they took the test. This MUST be done within 6 weeks of the test date. The candidate can choose which tests are re-marked. The EOR fee is J$13,000.00. This may be refunded only if the score on any test is increased. An EOR can take up to 8 weeks to be completed.