You may access your test results online on day 13 after each test date for all your tests except CDIELTS and Life Skills, which can be accessed on day 7. The online result is provisional and should not be used as an official confirmation of your achievement. British Council/ DLLP will not accept any responsibility in the event that your results fail to display, whether due to a technical fault or administrative procedure.

You will also receive an email notification of their availability for collection at the IELTS Examination Centre, Department, of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy on the same day. Your results can also be sent via courier services at a cost to you. These results are valid for two years. You may request additional Test Report Forms to be sent to the address of your choice at your cost.


Candidates can request a remark (Enquiry on Results (EOR)) within six weeks of the test date. The candidate can choose which component/s of the tests are to be re-marked. The EOR fee is JA$15,000 and this may be refunded only if the score is increased. An EOR can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Please make your own arrangements for the collection of the new Test Report Form. Payment is to be made in the NCB account number 402609729 and the receipt forwarded to the IELTS Office before any action is taken. [Click here for payment details]