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The Jamaican Language Unit
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Structure and Funding

I The language planning agency thus set up has the responsibility for:

  1. (a) formally proposing and popularising an official standard writing system for Jamaican,
  2. (b) the development of specialised Jamaican terminology in the areas covered in the public communications of the various state agencies,
  3. (c) developing styles of usage in Jamaican appropriate to public and formal functions,
  4. (d) developing standards of non-discriminatory language usage for public agencies,
  5. (e) running training programmes for public officers in relation to a-d, and
  6. (f) monitoring the level of performance by public agencies in the area of the provision of services in a manner which did not discriminate on the ground of language,
  7. (g) providing public education on the issue of language discrimination in Jamaica.
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