Areas of concentration
Year 1

The writing, editing and publication of An Official Guide to the Jamaican Language, which consists of (i) guide to writing the language using the Cassidy orthography, (ii) a grammatical description of the language aimed at a general readership, (iii) a guide to the use of technical terminology in areas in which Jamaican is not traditionally used, (iv) a range of sample reading material in the Cassidy system, inclusive of literary work, newspaper articles, etc. on which the readers can practice their reading skills in the Cassidy writing system, (v) a National Symposium on the Jamaican Language, to launch the publication of the Official Guide and to publicly launch the JLU.


The sponsoring of a national competition for creative writing in Jamaican using the Cassidy orthography, aimed both at school children of various ages and the general public, the publicising of the results, and the publication of the best of the works submitted..

year 3

The sponsoring of a national competition for Jamaican translations of official documents, forms, signs, etc. and the publicising of the results, and the publication of the best of the material submitted.

year 4

The development of guidelines for the use of Jamaican in government agencies, the implementation of training programmes with selected government agencies, and the setting up of a system of monitoring of official language use involving the general public. [The annual report to parliament in this year would argue that the conditions were now in place to insert ‘freedom from discrimination on the ground of language’ as right within the constitution.]


Continuing to carrying out activities already in place, while restructuring JLU to carry out any additional responsibilities in the event that constitutional change is accepted.
(Adapted from Proposal JLU, 2002)

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