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Degree (B.A.) in Sign Language Interpreting

This Programme addresses the critical shortage of trained interpreters for Deaf communities in the Caribbean. Upon completing this programme successful persons will be:

  • Fluent in Sign Language
  • Qualified to assist the Deaf in communicating with hearing persons who are not users of a Sign Language, specifically in public service

The programme will focus on the usage of the sign language variety commonly used within the territory of the campus. Thus, within the Jamaican context that would be Jamaican Sign Language (JSL), within the Trinidad and Tobago context, Trinbago Sign Language (TSL), et cetera. Since most Caribbean Sign Languages are mutually intelligible, a student can do this programme at a campus which is not located in his home territory and still function well when he returns to his country.

Programme begins: September 2006

Full-time over three (3) academic years or part-time over five (5) academic years.

Entry Requirements:
(5) CXC CSEC passes or equivalent, including Mathematics and English, as well as passes in at least two 2-unit CAPE courses or two GCE Advanced Level subjects, one of which must be an Arts (Humanities) subject for which courses are taught at the University.

Students in this Major are required to complete nine credits at Level 1 and 30 at Levels 2 and 3. Each course is worth 3 credits. They are: -

LING1001 Introduction to Phonology

Introduction to Morphology and Syntax

Introduction to Language and Linguistics

LING2204 Deaf Language and Culture

LING2301 Sociology of Language

LING2302 Sociolinguistics

LING2810 Introduction to the Structure and Usage of Jamaican Creole,
or equivalent Caribbean vernacular structure and usage course

LING2819 Structure and Usage of Caribbean Sign Language 1

Structure and Usage of Caribbean Sign Language 2

LING2920 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation

Advanced Caribbean Sign Language

LING3909 The Profession of Interpreting

LING3910 The Practice of Sign Language Interpreting

Tuition: Full-time JD$133,341; Part-time JD$4939 per credit


Option 1:
Apply online at

Option 2:
1. Download the application form and instruction sheet from or collect an application form from the Admissions Section UWI, Mona.
2. Fill out the application and take it to the Admissions Section UWI, Mona
An Application fee of JD$450 is payable upon collection or
return of printed forms.

NB. Degree applicants may need to sit the English Language Proficiency Test

For more information Call: 970-2953, 970-2950, 927-1641 or


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