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Language, Linguistics and Philosophy
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Communication and Society
Linguistics and Language Education
Special in Linguistics
Minor in Linguistics
Degree(B.A.) In Sign Language Interpreting
Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting
Minor in Jamaican Language Public Service Interpreting
Ba degree options in Linguistics

Language Communication and Society

  • This Major Requires A Minimum Of 42 Credits In Linguistics.

  • L331 is a 6 credit, year-long course which is an AR3X0 for Linguistics Majors.


Course Code
Course Title
L14A Introduction to Language and Linguistics
L10A Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
L10B Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
L20A Phonology
L20B Syntax
L23A The Sociology of Language
L23B Socio-linguistics
L24B Structure of the English Language
L25A Language, Gender & Sex
L26B Caribbean Language: Socio-Historical Background
L33C Discourse Analysis
L33D The Language of Negotiation
L331 Language Planning
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