Geography Major


The curriculum is designed to produce graduates with a well-rounded general geography degree where students are exposed to the practice and experience of human and physical geography, within the contexts of space, place and process. The development of specialist, conceptual spatial analytical and fieldwork skills are central to the subject, as is the need to develop problem-oriented, enquiring minds. By providing a diversity of human and physical geography courses, students acquire a range of cognitive, generic and transferable skills which will contribute to their professional and personal skills and career development beyond Higher Education. There is a continuous progression of the intellectual challenge over the duration of the three-years which culminates in a range of more specialized and applied courses in the final year.

Geography is an important and dynamic discipline which encompasses the concerns of the humanities and social sciences, and the scientific study of the natural world. It is one of the few academic subjects to synthesize ideas and information from the environment, economics, politics, society and culture. In a world increasingly characterized by global change (climate warming and other environmental changes, and economic and cultural globalization), the importance of having persons skilled in a solid, broad-based geographical education and its application to an understanding of our complex, inter-related world has never been greater. It is critical to the Caribbean region that we offer a Major in Geography, so that there are skilled professionals with a geographical knowledge of these broad-based global issues, in order to achieve further social and economic development in a sustainable manner, and to further enhance Geography education throughout the region.

Level I
Prerequisite - CSEC Geography (or equivalent)

GEOG1131 Human Geography 1 Population, Migration and Human Settlement                                

GEOG1231 Earth Environments 1 Geomorphology and Soils                                                              

GEOG1132 Human Geography 2 World Economy, Agriculture and Food                                           

GEOG1232 Earth Environments 2 Climate and the Biosphere                                                                 

Part 2
30 credits from Level II and Level III, at least 15 credits should be from Level III

Level II
GEOG2231      Research Methods in Geography                  

GEOG 2131    Urban Geographies                                                  
GEOG2132     Geographies of Development                                    
GEOG2231     Earth Surface Processes                                           
GEOG2232     Environmental Change                                              
GGEO2233     Water Resources                                                        
GGEO 2232    Introduction to Geographical Information Systems  

 Level III 
GEOG3430     Geography Research Project                                      

And a minimum of 9 credits from:
GEOG3131     Tropical Agriculture & Development                        
GEOG3132     Tourism Planning & Development                 
GEOG3331     Geography of the Caribbean                                      
GEOG3333     Urban & Regional Planning                                       
GGEO3231     Karst & Coastal Geomorphology                              
GGEO3232     Climate Change in the Tropics                                   
GGEO3332     Disaster Management