Geography Minor


Students will take a selection of core courses and advanced courses in geography that involve  both theoretical and conceptual studies in human and physical geography, elaborated through  applied, empirical case studies relating to the Caribbean region and to broader global environmental and developmental issues. The courses will include practical, analytical and field work methods and techniques. Students can select the Introduction to GIS course if they feel that such skills will enhance their employment prospects.

A Minor in Geography will expose students in related disciplines to an appreciation of human and environmental interactions from a spatial perspective. Geography is an interdisciplinary subject that straddles the sciences, social sciences and humanities, so that students reading for a Minor will be able to dovetail relevant subject areas within geography to related science, social science or humanities disciplines.

In recent years there has been a significant demand from FPAS students for subject Minors to complement their chosen Majors.  Students feel their employment prospects are enhanced by demonstrating they have achieved a certain level of competence in another subject.  Part of the rationale for the Geography Minor thus is to respond to student demand, to help equip students for employment in the 21st century, as mandated in the UWI Strategic Plan. 

Thus the Minor will allow students from FHE and FSS combine Geography with Majors such as History, Languages, Economics, Sociology, Government and International Relations with a structured programme.

Level I
Prerequisite - CSEC Geography (or equivalent)

Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences:
12 credits from Level I Geography, plus 12 credits from one other FPAS subject

Faculty of Humanities & Education and Faculty of Social Sciences:
A minimum of 6 credits from Level I courses in Geography

Level I 
GEOG1131 Human Geography 1 Population, migration and Human Settlement                                

GEOG1231 Earth Environments 1 Geomorphology and Soils                                                               

GEOG1132 Human Geography 2 World Economy, Agriculture and Food                                          

GEOG1232 Earth Environments 2 Climate and the Biosphere                                                                 

A minimum of 15 credits from Level II & III of which at least 9 credits should be from Level III, subject to course pre-requisities

Level II
GEOG 2131    Urban Geographies                                                    
GEOG2132     Geographies of Development                                    
GEOG2231     Earth Surface Processes                                             
GEOG2232     Environmental Change                                              
GGEO2233     Water Resources                                                        
GGEO2232     Introduction to Geographical Information Systems  

Level III
GEOG3131     Tropical Agriculture & Development                        
GEOG3132     Tourism Planning & Development                             
GEOG3333     Urban & Regional Planning                                       
GEOG3331     Geography of the Caribbean                                      
GGEO3231     Karst & Coastal Geomorphology                              
GGEO3232     Climate Change in the Tropics                                   
GGEO3332     Disaster Management