Measuring slip-rates on Jamaican Faults using Global Positioning System (GPS)

This project was directed by Professor Charles DeMets of the University of Wisconsin - Madison in collaboration with Dr. Margaret Wiggins-Grandison of the Earthquake Unit, UWI.


The aim is to measure slip rates on active Jamaican faults, which will lead to better understanding of Jamaican neotectonics and ultimately seismic hazard. The National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States of America funds the project and the Earthquake Unit provides logistical support. During Phase 1 some 20 GPS sites were established on Jamaica. The results of this phase are presented in the 2007 publication "Deformation of Jamaica and motion of the GonĂ¢ve microplate from GPS and seismic data". For summary click here

Start date: January 1999

Status: Phase 1 

End date: 2004