Professor Trevor Jackson

Prof. Trevor Jackson

Professor Emeritus Geology


Current Research

  • The pumice deposits of St Lucia and Dominica, Lesser Antilles (with P.W. Scott).
  • Cenozoic volcaniclastic turbidites of Grenada and the Grenadines (with P. W. Scott and S.K Donovan).
  • The petrology of the volcanic rocks of Antigua. (with M.J.M Duke and P.W. Scott).
  • The mineral chemistry of the biotites in the Mountain Pine granites of Belize.

Selected Publications


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Donovan, S.K. and Jackson, T.A. (eds). 1994. Caribbean Geology An Introduction. University of the West Indies Publishers’ Association, Kingston, iii+289 pp.


Refereed/edited field guides

Robertson, R.E.A. and Jackson, T.A. 2002. Field guide to St Vincent. 16th Caribbean Geological Conference, Barbados, June 16-21, 2002, 117-142.
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Donovan, S.K., Jackson, T.A., Dixon,H.L. and Doyle, E.N. 1995. Eastern and central Jamaica. Geologists’ Association Guides, 53: i+62 pp.


Papers in refereed journals/books

Jackson, T.A. 2013. A review of volcanic island evolution and magma production rate: an example from a Cenozoic island arc in the Caribbean. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 170, 465-476.

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