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BA/BSc Applied Major in Geography

The new BA/BSc Applied Major in Geography will appeal to students wishing to develop their research careers after a first degree including those wishing to register for a UWI postgraduate research programme. The programme will, upon successful completion of the second year, stream our best students (GPA ≥ 2.5) into an Applied Major to deepen their technical, and research competences. It will offer exposure to a wider range of research-led courses, and opportunities for students to tailor course combinations in Geography that better represent their chosen career path. The programme contains a new course in research management (GEOG2333 Research Design and Management) that complements and enhances the second-year research methods course (GEOG2231 Research Methods in Geography). Students will also benefit from exposure to two new applied courses in Natural Disaster Management (GGEO2234 Natural Hazards and Society, GEOG3332 Disaster Risk Management and Development Planning) among other relevant elective courses.

Students should take at least 30 credits from Level II and Level III courses with a minimum of 15 credits from Level III. (C – Core course; E – Elective course)

Level I (12 credits)

GEOG1131 Human Geography 1: Population, Migration and Human Settlement (C)

GEOG1231 Earth Environments 1: Geomorphology and Soils (C)  

GEOG1132 Human Geography 2: World Economy, Agriculture and Food (C)  

GEOG1232 Earth Environments 2: Climate and the Biosphere (C)                                                               

Level II

GEOG2131 Urban Geographies (E)                       

GEOG2231 Earth Surface Processes (E)

GGEO2233 Water Resources (E)

GEOG2331 Research Methods in Geography (C)

GGEO2234 Natural Hazards and Society (E)

GEOG2132 Geographies of Development (E)

GEOG2232 Environmental Change (E)

GGEO2232 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (E)

GEOG2333 Research Design and Management (C)

BIOL2408 Diving for Scientists (E - strongly recommended for students wishing to register for GGEO3232 Climate Change in the Tropics

Level III 

GEOG3430     Geography Research Project (C)                                   

And a minimum of 9 credits from:

GEOG3131 Tropical Agriculture & Development (E)                       

GEOG3132 Tourism Planning & Development (E)              

GEOG3334 Tropical Land Management (E)                                      

GEOG3333 Urban & Regional Planning (E)                                      

GGEO3231 Karst & Coastal Geomorphology (E)                             

GGEO3232 Climate Change in the Tropics (E)                                 

GGEO3332 Disaster Risk Management and Development Planning (E)

GGEO3233 Hydrology and Hydrological Modelling (E)

GEOG3331 Geography of the Caribbean (E)

GGEO3105 Applied GIS and Remote Sensing (E)    

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