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Emeritus Prof. David Barker


Professor of Geography



Emeritus Professor David Barker worked at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica from 1980, advancing to the position of Professor of Geography in 2005, then Emeritus Professor in 2015. He was Head of Department from 1994-1996 and from 2005 until his retirement in 2012. He has co-authored/co-edited eight books at the tertiary and secondary levels of education, and published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He has co-organized many international conferences, including six meetings in the British-Caribbean Geography Seminar Series spanning a period of more than 20 years; a joint collaboration with Duncan McGregor (Royal Holloway, University of London). The first BCGS meeting was held in 1992 and the last in 2014. The output of the series included five peer-reviewed edited books on small island developing states in the Caribbean published by UWI Press, and seven special issues of the journal Caribbean Geography. In total, 181 papers were presented at these meetings, of which 114 appeared as peer-reviewed publications. Notably, 40 of these publications had at least one author who was a graduate student at the time of the conference.

Professor Barker’s research has focused on Caribbean small-scale farming as a way of understanding the interactions between agricultural systems, rural development and tropical environments.  His early work focused on indigenous knowledge and land degradation. Over the last 15 year, he has led a vibrant group of graduate students whose research examined food security and sustainable rural livelihoods in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. The contextual framework was the ramifications of global change on agriculture and rural development in the small tropical islands of the region. It involved a focus on vulnerability and adaptation to the impacts of climate change, climate hazards and economic change such as trade liberalization and economic recession, at the national level and in particular the community-scale.

Professor Barker was co-founding editor of the journal Caribbean Geography in 1983, a peer-reviewed, self-financing journal published out of the Department of Geography & Geology at UWI. He continues as its Managing Editor, a labour-of-love for more than 30 years. He is a past-President of the Jamaican Geographical Society, and has been active on its Executive Council for over 35 years. He also has a strong professional interests in curriculum development in geography at the tertiary and secondary schools levels.

Professional Memberships: 
Editor of Caribbean Geography (ISSN 02529939) - an international peer-reviewed journal published since 1983
Editorial Board Member: Caribbean Quarterly, CaribXplorer, Ideaz
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