Undergraduate Majors

The Department of Geography and Geology (DOGG) presently offers a Major in geography with an accompanying Minor, and a Major in geology with an accompanying Minor. A double Major is available in geography and geology. The geography Major is available as a B.Sc. and as a BA for students in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. The Department of Geography and Geology introduced new Majors and Minors from September 2012. These will be available to students entering Level II who have successfully completed the new 3-credit Level I courses introduced in September 2011 under curriculum reform. Students who entered Level III in September 2012 will remain under the old regulations which will be discontinued after August 2013.

The total number of credits for the degree will be in accordance with the new faculty regulations (93 credits). The Geography Major has a minimum requirement of 30 credits from Levels II and III a Geology Major with a minimum of 39 credits from Levels II and III. Minors will have a minimum of 15 credits in accordance with new faculty regulations.