Call for Workshop Proposals

Call for Workshop Proposals

 ‘Dying to be Beautiful? Body Image, Eating Behaviours and Health in the Caribbean’ 

Location: The Capital and Home of Bob Marley- Kingston, Jamaica

December 1-3, 2017

Scope of Conference

The 3rd Biennial Scientific Conference 

To ignite evidence-based discussions between Caribbean nationals and internationals globally who share a common ground in examining the cumulative effect of factors such as culture, globalization, migration, economics, politics and history and their impact on the human body. 

Workshop Topics

You are invited to submit proposals related to the following themes:

  • Body dissatisfaction and eating disorders
  • Sleep: getting that beauty rest
  • Weight management: exercise and healthy nutrition
  • Media and health: friend or foe

Workshops will also be considered from other related themes

Steps and Instructions:

You will be required to submit the following information:

Workshop Proposal Abstract

  • Your Proposal Abstract must be 350 words or less, describing presentation ideas, themes, and goals. 

Proposal Title

  • The title of the Proposal (enter in title case, capitalizing only the first letter in each word) 
  • Workshop Duration
  • The length of time for the workshop is 90 minutes 

Proposal Outline

  • Indicate a theme (see above) that best suits your proposal
  • Methods: Didactic, Experiential, Combination of didactic and experiential or other
  • Brochure description (in 100 words or less and in sentence case).
  • Three (3) measurable learning objectives.
  • Three (3) references from journals or books published in the last 5 years, which are relevant to the program content. (No self-referencing please.)
  • Affirmation that you understand that if your proposal is accepted, you must register for the Dying to Be Beautiful (DTBB) Conference, your picture will/may be used for   promotion material, and that your proposal will not be considered if the required documentation is not complete and/or if it is received after the submission deadline. You understand and give permission for your workshop- 

to be recorded(audio). These recordings become the sole property of DTBB. You understand that they may be used for online educational purposes in the future.

Presenter Information

  • Names, degrees, licenses, current affiliations, CVs, contact information, and a recent professional photograph in electronic format (jpeg). 

Questions/ Evaluation

  • Include 10 questions that can be answered by workshop participants upon conclusion of the workshop. You must include the following to complete the workshop proposal submission:
  • 5 questions - True/False answers, with the correct answer identified.
  • 5 questions -   multiple choice, with 4 possible answers, with the correct answer identified. 

Submission Information

  • Submit proposal to
  • Deadline for workshop proposal submissions is July 31, 2017. Your email address.
  • No incomplete submittals will be considered.
  • Submitter will receive an e-mail confirming that the proposal was submitted.
  • Please allow up to 30 days after submission site closing for acceptance decisions