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Did you feel it? Please click here to download and print our Earthquake Report Form*. *Requires Adobe Reader
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Earthquake Data

List of Jamaican felt earthquakes for 2007, 2006 , 2005, 2004, and 2003. Please note that these lists do NOT represent ALL detected earthquake events, but only ones felt by people.

Aside from recently recorded earthquakes, it is interesting to note Jamaica's Most Damaging Earthquakes.

To fill out an Earthquake Report Form (PDF, 101kb), please download the form, print then complete it and then mail or fax it to us. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. This software is available for free, visit Adobe website.


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Most Damaging Earthquakes in Jamaica
Year Date Maximum Intensity
(EMS) *
Places Affected Observed Damage
1667 - VIII - Landslide
1688 March 1 VII Port Royal Houses and ships damaged
1692 June 7 X Port Royal, Kingston, Vere Plains. Also felt strongly island-wide 3,000 dead; buildings collapsed; liquefaction, subsidence, landslides and water ejected
1771 Sept 3 VII Port Royal, Kingston Damage to structures, felt on boats in port.
1812 November 11 VIII Kingston Several people killed; walls fell, buildings damaged
1824 April 10 VII Kingston; Spanish Town, St. Catherine; Old Harbour, Clarendon Loud noise accopmanied shock; some houses fell
1839 November 5 VII Montego Bay, St.James Government buildings declared unsafe due to damage
1907 Jan 14 IX Kingston, Port Royal 1,000 dead; fire over 56 acres; most buildings collapsed; water mains broken; landslides and slumps; localized tsunami; statues rotated; near total destruction of damage - est. 2 million pounds sterling in damage
1914 August 3 VII Eastern Jamaica Buildings cracked, doors and windows out of plumb; clocks stopped; stocks in drug stores broken
1943 July 15 VII St. Elizabeth Landslides; many homeless; breakages of merchandise in shops
1957 March 1 VIII Montego Bay, St. James and felt island-wide 4 dead; ladnslides; bridges damaged; rotation of spires and monuments; springs increased flow and muddied ; utility poles and lines broken; breakages of items off shelves
1993 Jan 13 VII Kingston and St. Andrew. Also felt island-wide 2 dead; items thrown off shelves and broke; most were frightened; heavy furnitures shifted; water splashed out of containers and pools; much non-structural damage; few cases of structural damage
2005 June 12 VII Central Jamaica - Felt strongest at Aenon Town and Top Alston in Clarendon; Silent Hill, Manchester; Wait-a-bit and Lemon Walk, Trelawny Moderate to heavy structural damage on most vulnerable structures; some people had to be dug out of collapsed dwelling; minor injuries from falling objects
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