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Welcome to the Department of Economics. As you enter this new phase in your life's journey, you will be presented with numerous opportunities and challenges. Many people relish opportunities and avoid challenges, but the most successful recognize that the best opportunities come through challenging situations. Your sojourn in the Department of Economics will provide you with multiple opportunities to be challenged, and, in so doing, will facilitate the growth of your intellectual capacity. We want to create graduates that have the capacity to think about issues differently, to tackle problems analytically, and to create innovative and effective solutions. The goal of your tertiary education should not simply be certification in pursuit of a job, but rather the acquisition of skills and thought-processes that will equip you to be effective and productive in all of your pursuits. Economics affects all areas of life, because it is a way of thinking about the decisions that individuals and groups make on a daily basis. Once you understand the thought-processes and tools of an economist, then you will appreciate both the vast applications that a foundation in economics provides, as well as the value of insights from other fields. While we encourage you to fully ground yourselves in the field of Economics, please also take advantage of the wide range of perspectives provided in the other disciplines. Our degrees in Economics, Statistics and Banking and Finance are designed with free electives to allow you to explore other interests and to develop a well-rounded world view. Be creative in your course choices and explore synergies that excite you. I encourage you to make the best of this opportunity by challenging yourselves to strive for excellence and to have fun while doing so.'
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