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First Name Last Name Title Of Paper Paper
Abiodun Folawewo Employment and Unemployment Effects of Governance and Regulatory Framework In Nigeria. View
Tracy-Ann Hyman Small Island Perceptions of Scholarships. View
Gary Lyn Coming to America: Immigration and Labor Market Dynamics. View
Andrew Stephenson Prioritizing Activities to Achieve Practical Competency in the Higher Educational Classroom. View
Patrice Whitely Class Discrimination? Evidence from a Racially Homogeneous Labour Market. View
Collin Constantine Income Inequality and Redistribution in Small Open Economies. View
Dianna Dacosta Product Productivity ‘Trap’. Case Study of Jamaica and Singapore 1968- 2010 View
Nlandu Mamingi The Impact of Regulation on Economic Growth in the Caribbean: A Panel data Investigation. View
Alamgeer Shah Impact of Tourism Earnings on the Fiji’s Economic Growth. View
Kevin Williams Are Remittances Good for Economic Growth? The Role of Political Institutions. View
Nadine McCloud-Rose Does a Stronger System of Law and Order Constrain the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Government Size? View
Sandria Tennant Investment in Infrastructure versus Investment in People: Political Markets and Economic Outcomes. View
Alrick Campbell Cap Prices or Cap Revenues? The Dilemma of Electric Utility Networks. View
Michael Delgado Third Party Certification and the Effectiveness of Voluntary Pollution Abatement Programs: Evidence From Responsible Care. View
Nekeisha Spencer Hurricanes Take a Hit Economic Welfare: Evidence from Household Panel data. View
Denvil Duncan Audit Publicity and Tax Compliance: a Quasi Natural Experiment. View
Mark Lewis Eroding Confidence: The Effects of Trust in the Government and Perceptions of Corruption on Taxpayers Relationship to the Tax Administration. View
Oronde Small The Effect of Taxpayer Service Provision on Tax Compliance for Large Taxpayers in Jamaica. View
Andre Haughton Asymmetric Dynamics Between Oil Prices and Real Exchange Rates in the Caribbean and Latin America. View
Jan Keil Is There a Causal Effect of Concentration on Persistent Profitability Differentials? View
Tarron Khemraj Overcoming the Foreign Exchange Constraint: Are Gold Holdings the Answer? View
Karsten Muller The Structure of Credit Markets. View
Samuel Braithwaite CARICOM Trade and Multilateralism: A Gravity Model Approach View
Gary Lyn Grounded by Gravity: A Well Behaved Trade Model with Industry Level Economies of Scale. View
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