Biomedical Engineering Courses


Semester Course Code Title
Semester 1 ENGR0110 Pre-Engineering Physics I
Semester 1 ENGR0120 Pre-Engineering Mathematics I
Semester 1 ENGR0130 Chemistry for Engineers
Semester 1 ENGR0230 Biology for Engineers
Semester 2 ENGR0210 Pre-Engineering Physics II
Semester 2 ENGR0220 Pre-Engineering Mathematics II
Semester 2 ENGR0240 Computer Applications for Beginner Engineers
Semester 2 FOUN1014 Critical Reading & Writing in the Sciences



Semester Course Code Title
Semester 1 ECSE1102 Engineering Circuit Analysis and Devices
Semester 1 ECSE1104 Digital Circuits and Systems
Semester 1 ECSE1109 Programming for Engineers I
Semester 1 ENGR1100 The Engineering Profession
Semester 1 ENGR1105 Engineering Laboratory and Designs I
Semester 1 ENGR1180 Engineering Mathematics I
Semester 2 BMNG1210 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Semester 2 ECSE1209 Programming for Engineers II
Semester 2 ELNG1101 Physics for Engineers
Semester 2 ENGR1200 Engineering Tools and Techniques
Semester 2 ENGR1205 Engineering Laboratory and Designs II
Semester 2 FOUN1014 Critical Reading and Writing



Semester Course Code Title
Semester 1 BMNG2130 Biomaterials
Semester 1 ECSE2104 Microprocessors and Embedded Systems
Semester 1 ECSE2106 Signals and Linear Systems
Semester 1 ENGR2105 Engineering Laboratory and Designs III
Semester 1 ENGR2120 Technical Communications I
Semester 1 MATH2230 Engineering Mathematics 2
Semester 2 BMNG2210 Biomedical Instrumentation I
Semester 2 BMNG2230 Biomechanics
Semester 2 ECSE2202 Analogue Circuits and Instrumentation
Semester 2 ENGM2280 Probability and Statistical Systems
Semester 2 ENGR2205 Engineering Laboratory and Designs IV
Semester 2 FOUN1301 Law, Governance and Society



Semester Course Code Title
Semester 1 BMNG3110 Biomedical Instrumentation II
Semester 1 BMNG3230 Clinical Engineering
Semester 1 BMNG3230 Clinical Engineering
Semester 1 ECNG3021 Introduction to Engineering Management and Accounting Systems
Semester 1 and 2 ECNG3020 Special Project
Semester 2 BMNG3240 Rehabilitation Engineering and Design
Semester 2 ELET3460 Digital Signal and Image Processing
Semester 2 MDSC3104 Health Services Management
Semester 2 MGMT3136 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
Semester 2 PHYS3391 Biomedical Optics and Biomechanics
Semester 2 PHYS3397 Medical Radiation Physics and Imaging


*** Preliminary courses are entry level courses to qualify students into ANY of the 3 years degree programmes. Please refer to the University’s matriculation requirements and the Faculty's entry requirments.