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Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography) Programme is delivered by the School of Medical Radiation Technology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Mona. Participants in the Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography) Programme are trained in the safe use of ionizing radiation to produce diagnostic images which are used in the diagnosis of disease and injury.



Persons wishing to enter the diagnostic radiography programme need to have a genuine desire to help the sick and/or injured in an efficient, caring and sympathetic manner, as a member of the health team. The field is open to men and women. Once qualified, these health professionals are called Diagnostic Radiographers.

Radiographers work with a specialist doctor, the Radiologist. The Radiographer’s duties involve the production of radiographs (or images of the body), using radiation. The radiologist interprets the diagnostic information on the radiograph. Radiological/Radiographic examinations may be done on any part of the body including renal, cardiovascular, biliary, gastrointestinal/other systems. These technologists are trained in the correct principles of patient care, and are taught how to produce satisfactory diagnostic images which demonstrate various organs and/or systems of the body. Radiographers are guided by a Professional Code of Conduct.

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For further details, please contact:

Telephone: (876) 9271660
Extns: 8136, 8140, 8141
Cel#: (876) 545-0303 or 545-0019

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