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DM Haematology

Curriculum Structure

First three (3) months

  • Automated blood counting
  • Making and staining of films
  • Reporting of films
  • Crossmatching of blood and recognition of antibodies
  • Tests of coagulation
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy – technique and reporting
  • Supervised participation in in-patient and out-patient management including clinical on-call
  • CSF Cytology
  • Control of anticoagulation
  • Hb electrophoresis


Remainder of First Year

  • Management of Common Clinical Problems
  • Specialist haematology and oncology
  • Haematology related to other medical specialties
  • Caring for terminally ill
  • Management of Infection


Second Year – Laboratory Haematology Programme

  • Chemical Pathology (3 months)
  • Anatomical Pathology (6 months)
  • Haematology (3 months)


Third and Fourth years: Laboratory Programme

  • More unsupervised management of haematology/oncology disorders with greater use in-service experience for training
  • Where possible candidates will be offered an elective period at another institution
  • Exposure to radiation techniques
  • Attendance at international meetings

There will be three (3) monthly assessments of all candidates in the programme based on continuous assessments made by all consultants responsible for training candidates. Results of these assessments will be communicated to candidates.

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