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Adellicia Nelson

Senior Secretary, Undergraduate Section
Tel: (876)927-1297, Ext:8026

Andrea Henry

Administrative Secretary, Undergraduate Section
Tel: (876)927-1297, Ext:8029

Carol Rose

Programme Head/Lecturer, School of Medical Radiation Technology
Tel:(876) 276-7861, Ext:8136

Charlette Brown

Senior Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Section
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8020

Clive Cameron

Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8000

Craig Hall

Facilities Officer
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8051

Davia Blackwood

Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8000

Dr. Andrea Garbutt

Deputy Dean of Student Success/Lecturer in Paedatrics, Department of Child & Adolescent Health
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext. 8226

Dr. Annette Crawford-Sykes

MBBS Programme Director/Deputy Dean Teaching and Learning
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8012

Dr. Cameil Wilson-Clarke

Programme Coordinator, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Dr. Carron Gordon

Head, Section of Physical Therapy and Programme Coordinator, BS Physical Therapy
Tel:(876) 927-2235, Ext:8111

Dr. Christine Walters

Lecturer, Clinical Trial Research Unit
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8024

Dr. Dawn Munroe

Head, The UWI School of Nursing
Tel:(876) 970-3304

Dr. Jean Williams-Johnson

Deputy Dean Graduate Studies/Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8018

Dr. Marsha-Lyn McKoy

Programme Coordinator, BBMedSc Programme

Dr. Myrton Smith

Deputy Dean of Clinical/Lecturer, Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8226

Dr. Roxanne Melbourne-Chambers

Head, Department of Child and Adolescent Health
Tel: (876) 927-1446

Dr. Shaun Wynter

Head, Department of Obstetrics ad Gynaecology
Tel: (876) 927-1145

Dr. Thaon Jones

Head, School of Dentistry
Tel: (876) 970-0958, Ext:8058

Dr. Tracey Gibson

Head, Department of Pathology
Tel: (876) 927-1410, Ext: 2052

Georgette Burrell

Administrative Secretary, Postgraduate Section
Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8016

Ivy Thompson

Departmental Attendant, UHWI Site
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8000

Janet Brown

Senior Departmental Attendant, Main Office
Tel: (876)927-1297, Ext: 8000

Janett Russell

Office Manager
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8014

Kaphelia Young

Clerical Assistant
Tel: (876)927-1297, Ext:8000

Kellisse Tavares

Secretary, Undergraduate Section
Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8021

Melvin Anderson

Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8000

Paulette Cummings

Clerical Assistant
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8211

Peppeta Morrissey

Chief Office Attendant, Main Office
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8000

Prof. Jean-Pierre Louboutin

Head, Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Tel:(876) 927-2290, Ext: 7144

Prof. John Lindo

Head, Department of Microbiology
Tel: (876) 927-2947 , Ext:2122-4

Prof. Joseph Plummer

Head, Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia & Intensive
Tel: (876) 927-1620-9, Ext: 2324-6

Prof. Marshall Tulloch-Reid

Head, Caribbean Institute for Health Research
Tel: (876) 927-2471

Prof. Marvin Reid

Deputy Dean for Research
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8000

Prof. Michael Boyne

Head, Department of Medicine
Tel: (876) 977-2560

Prof. Minerva Thame

Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8010

Prof. Russell Pierre

Director, Health Professions Education Unit
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8000

Prof. Wendel Abel

Head, Department of Community Health & Psychiatry
Tel: (876) 970-6643, Ext: 2244

Robert Reid

Tel: (876)927-1297, Ext:8000

Rochelle Powell

Secretary, Postgraduate Section
Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8017

Romario Reid

Tel:(876)927-1297, Ext:8000

Shanique Graham

Multimedia Technologist
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8201

Sharon Roberts

Administrative Officer, Administration
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8013

Shenor Anglin

Audio-Visual Assistant
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8197

Tashoy Boland

Senior Secretary
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext: 8015

Yanique Brown

Administrative Secretary
Tel: (876) 927-1297, Ext:8027
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