Kimberly Moloney

Ph.D. Public Administration (American University)
M.A. International Economics and Latin American Studies (Johns Hopkins University),
M.P.A International Development Administration (Syracuse University),
B.Sc. Economics and International Relations (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

My research agenda sits at the intersection of Public Administration, Development Administration, Global Governance and International Organizations. Research topics include International Organizations; Environmental Governance; Public Service Motivation; Corruption / Ethics; Collaborative Governance; Multilevel Governance; Stakeholder Theory; Bureaucratic Politics; Non-Profit Organizations; Global Civil Society; and the Intellectual History of Comparative and Development Administration. My dissertation, “The World Bank's Public Sector Management and Governance Agenda: Actors, Tensions and Policy Change (1983-2007)” explained policy change within the Bank’s most frequently-prescribed sector: public sector management and governance. Two Jamaica-focused research projects include: (1) explaining limited collaboration between Jamaican NGOs and the state; and (2) public service motivation investigations. I have worked in multiple countries including Jamaica, Peru, Zambia, Kenya, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Recent Publications:
“Globalizing Public Administration: Today’s Research and Tomorrow’s Agenda,” Public Administration Review, Co-Author: Nilima Gulrajani. (Forthcoming in December 2011).
 “Globalized World, Globalized Research, Version 20.20,” Public Administration Review, 2010, 70 (Special Issue): s298-s299. Co-Author: Nilima Gulrajani.
 “Public Administration and Governance: A Sector-Level Analysis of World Bank Aid,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, 2009, 75(4): 609-627.
“Representative Bureaucracy and Decentralization: A Preliminary Cross-National Study,” in Governance and Institutional Re-Engineering, Ann Marie Bissessar (Ed.), Cambridge Scholars (2008): 105-149.
Book Review: Review of Krishna Tummala, Comparative Bureaucratic Systems (2007), Public Administration Review, 67 (No. 6, November/December 2007), 1083–1086.


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