Robert Buddan

Robert Buddan, BA (UWI), MA (UCLA), Lecturer in GT12A - Introduction to International Relations; and the graduate courses, GT63A-Caribbean Political Systems 1; GT64A - Democracy 1; GT63B - Caribbean Political Systems 11; and GT64B - Democracy 11. He belongs to the political science unit and is also the graduate programme coordinator.


His book, The Foundation of Caribbean Politics was published in 2001. A revised and updated version was published in 2012. He is currently working on two new publications of Politics in our Time, Parts 1 and 11, which is a compilation of articles written as a columnist for the Sunday Gleaner from 2002-2011. 


He is Chairman of the Prime Minister's Task Force on Policy Governance, is a member of the Boards of the National Housing Trust and the Social Development Commission; as well as of the Sports Marketing Steering Committee of the Ministry with Responsibility for Sports. 


A sample of forthcoming and recent publications include,


“Richard Hart and Constitutional Reform in Jamaica, 1944-53,” editor Rupert Lewis, Caribbean Political Activism: Essays in Honour of Richard Hart, Ian Randle, Kingston, Jamaica, May 2012 (Forthcoming)

“The Caribbean,” in Global Perspectives on the United States: A Nation by Nation Survey,” editors, David Levinson and Karen Christensen, Volume 1, Berkshire Publishing Group, Massachusetts, 2007, Pages 98-105.

“My Generation Comes to Power: A Time for Caribbean Leadership and Political Transformation,” in Caribbean Imperatives: Regional Governance and Integrated Development, editors, Kenneth Hall and Denis Benn, Editors, Ian Randle, Kingston, Jamaica, 2005, Pages 55-65.

“The Bar Association and the CCJ,” in We Want Justice: Jamaica and the Caribbean Curt of Justice, editor, Delano Franklyn, Ian Randle, Kingston, Jamaica, 2005, Pages 239-243. 

“Universal Adult Suffrage in Jamaica and the Caribbean since 1944,” Social and Economic Studies, Volume 53, 2004, Pages 135-62