Sonia Gatchair

Ph.D. Public Policy (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Diploma Management Studies (UWI, Mona)
M.Sc. Food Science (University of British Columbia)
B.Sc. Special Chemistry (UWI, Mona)

I am a highly qualified professional with formal training and experience in the use of technology, innovation and entrepreneurial strategies to improve livelihood opportunities and promote economic development.  I have a special interest in research, design, implementation, and evaluation of policies and projects in agribusiness; skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods; and more than 15 years training and experience in production and operations management in manufacturing industries.

Recent Publications:
Gatchair, S., Bortagaray, I., and Cozzens, S. (2011) Biotechnology Paths in Developing Countries: Analyzing GM in Costa Rica and Jamaica, Learning from Plant Tissue Culture. African Journal of Science, Technology and Innovation for Development. 2 (3) 110-132.

Gatchair, S. (2010) “Potential Implications for Workforce Equity in Nano-technology Industries” Chapter 3 in “Yearbook on Nanotechnology, Equity and Equality Vol. II, edited by S. Cozzens and J. Wetmore., Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 

Cozzens, S., Gatchair, S., Kyung-Sup, K., Ordonez, G. and Porter, A  (2010). Emerging Technologies: Quantitative Identification and Measurement. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. 22 (3) 361-376

Co-Author (in progress) Jamaica National Youth Mainstreaming Strategy and Manual. Prepared on behalf of The Centre for Leadership and Governance, Department of Government, UWI Mona. Sponsored by the National Centre for Youth and Development (NCYD), Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

Gatchair, S. (2009) Review of Theoretical Frameworks for Program Evaluation. A report prepared for the National Institute of Health and Occupational Safety (NIOSH), Washington D.C.


Tel Ext: 3410