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Taylor Hall boosts the widest selection of clubs and societies to appeal to everyone. This environment aids in the holistic development of each and every Taylorite whether on or off campus.
Mentorship is a community outreach programme that is geared towards bridging the gap between University students and the surrounding communities. This program serves to promote the values and attitude of the youths in the August Town community specifically, by providing a big brother approach, this allows for the improvement of oneself as individuals as well as those who may need guidance. The programme provides a number of fun and educational activities for both parties involved. For further details
Contact the E.A.C- Netia “Lifeboat” Simpson. Block E

The Taylor Hall Drama Club contains the most talented individuals in terms of the performing arts. The club in cooperation with the choral produces the most famous presentations at Tallawah each year. As a result of this we dominate the competition, with the best performances in solo and group pieces in all categories from Standard English, Dialect, to dub poetry. We hold a number of awards, best director in the person of Tanisha Mcghie, best lighting, best drama-story line and many more. For more information on the drama club Contact: R.A-Taneisha “Chinie brush” Mcghie.

The talented members of the dance club performs with the choral at the annual production. They do a mixture of dances dancehall, rhythm and blues, souls gospel and folk. The group display their talent at various functions as they seek to carry on the tradition of excellence. For more information contact Tin Bomb.

The Choral is a complex group, which houses the Drama club, Singing and Music departments. This is where all the wonderful voices come together to make spectacular music, often compared to ASHE! There is normally a choral production once a year and this is where the all the movie stars gain recognition. For further information Contact: Dahlia “Stamp” Campbell. Flats

Signing can be a great second language, this group one arm of the Chorale and often works with them, in terms of producing a worth while performance. You can learn a lot from signing as well as a new way to communicate. This is a cool skill to posses so try it, Just learning to sign can be fun. For more information contact: Cavel Canerow Francis Block E or Stephen McFarline Block B.

The Taylor music club does the back up and front line music for our productions. They are responsible for dropping a few rhythms to lively up the place at times. There are many instruments to play.. or learn to play, the drums, guitar and key board are only a few. For more information Contact: Omar “Rogaine” Tomlinson Block D .

The environmental club is a group concerned with our surroundings on hall. They are responsible for the collection of plastic bottles for recycling and the green house and garden project. This group keep us aware of the environmental as they seek to conserve nature’s beauty. For further information contact: Block E Food Rep. Kimberlyn “steeple” Robinson.

The Society for Promoting and Improving Moral Education in Schools is a motivational group recently established. This a talented group travels to primary and high schools bearing positive messages in their drama poetry song or dance presentation that promote values attitude. For more information contact: Block E Block Rep Stacy-Ann Filly Robinson.

Members are responsible for the production of the Taylor Hall Magazine. This is where great writing skills creativity and originality blossoms. Contact the PARO Kimiesha “Sulphur” White

The debating club is dominated by top debaters across the Caribbean. This is a great club if you want to enhance your speech skills. It teaches individuals to be articulate and bold as well as exercise your skills to argue both orally and written in a formal and appropriate manner. It teaches good research skills and the wealth of information that can be gained will help you with the transition to a higher level of education in terms of reasoning. For more information Contact Marsha “Ring Road” Holding. flats.

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