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As for our wonderful Off campus Taylorites it is only a pity that we couldn’t have you all on hall, that way the full strength of the great Taylor can be realizes. We know that you are very important as the outer part of our extend family and we look forward to seeing you on hall. It is my duty to inform you that you are entitled to everything an on campus Taylorite is entitled to… well.. probably …not EVERYTHING but you are the cream of the crop for the mere fact that you have the blue and white running through your veins. To be attached to Taylor means that you are brilliant, smart and IMPORTANT- not only to yourself, or the Taylor Family but to the university, the Caribbean and the universe as a whole.



The Taylor Hall Mentorship Programme is an essential Club on Hall. As University students we believe in enhancing the values and attitudes for our future generations. Through this programme we are able to contribute to the development of the surrounding communities. We believe that change begins with the individual and as such it is a must that we promote the self-esteem of these youths. The programme is so structured that a relationship is developed between mentors and mentees where mentors listen to the youths and offer advice and or help to these youths where possible. Through this approach we aim to minimize crime and violence and moral degradation in our society.

Netia “Lifeboat” Simpson
External Affairs Chairperson

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