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Frequently asked questions

1. Can past students of the UWI use the Health Centre?

Answer: No - not generally. However, by paying a fee and making special arrangements you may be able to use the Health Centre

2. Is the Health Centre open during semester break?

Yes, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. Please note that the Centre is closed on public holidays During any period that the Health Centre is closed eligible users with medical emergencies should seek assistance at the University Hospital of The West Indies, which is located 3-5 minutes away. Remember to present your student ID card or health insurance card to the hospital to facilitate payment of your bills.

3. Why do I need to take my ID card every time I visit the Health Centre - can’t I just give you my ID number?

: This is required to protect against abuse and misuse of the services offered at the Health Centre. Remember that the Health Centre’s services are offered in collaboration with an insurance provider. Abuse will result in excessive costs and will lead to higher premiums for all legitimate users

4. How will I know what is covered under the health insurance?

Just click on the Schedule of Benefits shown on this web page and you will find the information.

5. If I do not use the services of the Health Centre, including my allocation for prescription at the pharmacy, during any year can I carry forward my premiums and benefits to next year?

No. Your premium and attached benefits, consistent with insurance contracts, cover a specified period. In our case this is one (1) year. You are allocated new benefit balances each year upon payment of annual premiums. In some years you may use up benefits which aggregate to less than your premium amount. In other years you may use up much more than the premium amount. That is how insurance works.

6. As a student, will I still be able to obtain prescribed drugs after I have exhausted my J$6,000 allocation for the year?

Yes .The J$6,000 limit means that you can obtain qualified drugs prescribed by Medical Officers of the Health Centre up to this limit without out-of- pocket payment. When you have used up this sum you can continue to receive the prescription drugs that you need, but now you must pay 20% of the cost of the drugs.

7. Why do I need to go to the billing office each time that I come to the Centre?

When you use the Health Centre this gives rise to transactions which must be properly recorded and acknowledged by you. You must visit the billing office to make any required payment and/or sign in acknowledgement of receiving service. The Health Centre is required to provide this information on claim forms which it submits to the insurance provider to receive payment for the services and drugs supplied to you.

8. Which other health services providers can students use other providers for treatment outside of the Health Centre?

Answer: You may use Public medical facilities, for example the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). This option should only be used in cases of emergency or during hours when the Health Centre is closed. Students will be required to pay upfront for services received at public medical facilities other than the UHWI and then claim from the insurance provider through the Health Centre. The amount of the reimbursement will be limited to the maximum charged at the Health Centre and prescriptions must be approved by doctors of the Health Centre.

Remember, at the Health Centre you do not pay out-of-pocket for visits. You just present your student ID card and health insurance enrollment card.

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