Undergraduate Programmes

African Diaspora Studies

African Diaspora Studies

Majors in African Diaspora Studies (ADS) must have at least THIRTY-NINE (39) credits at the end of their programme of study.

Level 1

All majors in African Diaspora Studies MUST take the following course (6 credits)

            The Atlantic World, 1400-1600
Africa in World Civilization

And ONE of the following course in African Diaspora Studies (3 credits)

Introduction to Political Institutions 
Introduction to the Study of Culture
Introduction to Caribbean & African Literatures in French
Introduction to Comparative Caribbean Literature: Afro-Caribbean  Poetry

Level II

All majors in African Diaspora Studies are required to have a minimum of FIFTEEN (15) credits at Level II.
All majors must take TWO of the following courses (6 credits):

EITHER HIST2006     –
Conquest, Colonization and Resistance in the Caribbean 1600 to the end of slavery
OR HIST2007            –
Freedom, Decolonization and Independence in the Caribbean since  1804
EITHER HIST2301     –
State and Development in Africa, 1800-1900
OR HIST2304            –
State and Development in Africa since 1900

Declare a concentration within the programme as soon as they begin to do Level II courses. 
They must do TWO courses INSIDE their concentration at Level II (6 credits)
At least one ADS level II course OUTSIDE their concentration in the programme
Note: Students, in selecting electives from the various disciplines in the ADS programme, should take note of pre-requisites from Level II courses in preparation for Level III.

Level III

All majors must take
The African Diaspora in the West
And any ONE of the following:
HIST3203:     The Black Experience in the US after 1865
GOVT3022:     Garveyism in the Americas
CLTR3518:     Rastafari in the Global Context

They must do TWO courses IN their African Diaspora Studies concentration within the programme at Level III
At least one ADS level III course OUTSIDE their African Diaspora Studies concentration in the programme.

All Level II majors in African Diaspora Studies must declare an ADS concentration within the programme.  All students who are completing Level I, but are also taking Level II courses must also declare an ADS concentration. Majors should do 4 courses from the same ADS concentration across Levels II and III.

The ADS Concentrations are:
     History and Politics
     Cultural Studies and Philosophy
     Literature and Linguistics

Concentrations-African Diaspora Studies