A very special welcome to the Department of History and Archaeology.

History and Archaeology is one of the longest serving departments on the Mona campus and has earned an international reputation for outstanding scholarship and excellent teaching. As a foundational discipline in the humanities History remains an important option for the specialist and the curious student alike. With History you are better equipped to understand the breadth of the human experience, better appreciate the actions of those who came before us and able to challenge assumptions of the past. History, most importantly, implores us to reflect on our place in the world as people of the Caribbean.

History courses are also excellent preparation to help you achieve your future career goals. The methodologies and skills gained in research, interpretation, analysis and oral and written expression will serve you well in whatever field you pursue. Many of our graduates have enjoyed fruitful careers in the private sector, the diplomatic service, law, teaching, government, entertainment, the arts, journalism and many other fields.

Whether you are a new or returning student, a History major or not, the Department of History offers a wide range of courses that will match your interests. Among them are specialized courses in Heritage Studies, Global History, Caribbean, European, African, North American and Latin American history, and several courses in Archaeology. History majors also have the option of choosing minors in International Relations, Law and Journalism.

 Our faculty and staff are dedicated professionals ready to assist you with integrating our courses into your academic goals at the UWI. With innovative teaching methods and student-centred activities the department facilitates an exciting learning environment.

 I welcome you to the rich intellectual community that we have here in History and Archaeology and in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. As university students you will find a great deal at the UWI to enjoy both inside and outside the classroom. I encourage you to take full advantage of the many resources the campus has to offer.

Have a productive and rewarding experience on your academic journey at Mona.

Professor Matthew J. Smith