Welcome to the  Department of History and Archaeology!


In joining us, you have chosen to become a part of a department with a recognised track record for excellence in education and research. For nearly seven decades, the Department of History and Archaeology (DoHA) has provided top-quality  education to numerous generations of Caribbean  students while advancing knowledge of the rich and complex historical experiences of Caribbean societies. Today, we strive to expand this legacy to meet the needs and aspirations of 21st century students like you, who as our UWI graduates will be capable of  successfully furthering your education at postgraduate level and competing in a highly-competitive work environment. 

Our Department continually restructures our course  programmes and offerings to provide you with the best service possible. As a result of this, we are offering you a new undergraduate academic programme, BA  History and Journalism. This programme combines courses from Department of History and Archaeology DoHA and the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) so as to equip students to learn the research and analytical skills of historians and the communication strategies and ability of  journalists. DoHA’s renewed emphasis on skills seeks to  provide you, our valued students, with opportunities to develop the type of transferable skill that will help you to adapt to the changing demands of both the working world and postgraduate education. Such emphasis is equally reflected in the thoroughly revised version of our flagship programme, the BA History. Through a combination of new and existing courses. The renewed BA History maintains the same focus on the rigorous study of the past, while emphasizing relevant skills and the significance of history to understanding the challenges of the present and developing the  solutions of the future.

My Colleagues and I are looking forward to the start of this new academic year. It is our hope that you will take full advantage of the programmes and courses that we offer by taking a proactive role in your education as you start this new stage in your life. No doubt, your commitment will be the best reward that we can  receive as we continue to provide you and successive cohorts of students the best education possible. Your enthusiasm will also inspire my colleagues and  me to further our understanding of the past and the lessons that it has to offer to societies in Jamaica, the Caribbean and elsewhere.


Dr Enrique Okenve

HOD, Department of History and Archaeology