Saturday 14 April and Saturday, 21 April 2018 in the
Neville Hall Lecture Theatre (N1).
DoHA Annual Cape History Lectures

The Lectures are especially designed for Cape History teachers and students.

The Department of History and Archaeology, UWI Mona hosted its annual CAPE History Lectures in April 2018.

Lectures were delivered as follow:

[Unit I]: Saturday, April  14, 2018 at the: Neville Hall Lecture Theatre (N1)

Post-slavery protest movements:
•    Wars (one of the following: Vox Populi, 1862; Morant Bay, 1865; confederation,1876);
•    Migration (Panama, 1904-1914 – causes and impact on the Caribbean); and,
•    Cultural resistance: religious activities and customs; festivals, language and dress.

Causes, organization, suppression, consequences and role of gender in wars of resistance in one of the following countries:
A)    Grenada, 1795
B)    Demerara, 1823

How to approach Document type essays.
Answering essay questions based on exam regulation.

[Unit II]: Saturday, April 21, 2014 at the: Neville Hall Lecture Theatre (N1)

The Industrial Revolution in England from 1750:Atlantic causes and global impact:
a.    Internal causes
b.    Contribution of the wider Atlantic to European Industrialization; and
c.    Impact on the Caribbean and Latin America

a.    The concept of reparatory justice
b.    The concept of reconciliation
c.    Historical reparation (for example, Haiti to France; Britain to the Caribbean planters; Germany to the Jews
d.    The historical justification for CARICOM’s demands for reparatory justice

Decolonisation in Africa: Ghana, 1957-1965
a.    Kwame Nkrumah and the Convention People’s Party in Ghana,1945-1957; and
b.    The aftermath of independence: impact and challenges

Answering Essay Questions based on Exam Regulation.
How to approach Document type essays.

Special thanks to all schools, teachers, students, parents and the staff of the Department of History and Archaeology and the School of Education for making this possible.

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