Charmaine McKenzie

I am Charmaine McKenzie,  PhD candidate in the Department of History and Archaeology. My area of interest is Jamaican food, specifically foodways.

 I have had an interest in History since being introduced to West Indian History in high school and was torn between pursuing History and Spanish at the undergraduate level. Spanish won but I continued to be drawn to History and decided to pursue the M.A. in Heritage Studies after spending several very fulfilling years working at the National Library of Jamaica as a Research Officer. Those years allowed me to explore resources for Jamaican history and to understand my country's development in a way that no other job would have done. I was convinced that I needed to pursue my longstanding interest in History further.


For me, studying History helps us to understand the context of our lives and to see different sides of any story.


I am a member of the Jamaican Historical Society (JHS) and serve as the Editor of its Bulletin. Being involved in the JHS provides opportunities to visit historic places in Jamaica - another way of understanding the past and its influence on the present.