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The Department of History and Archaeology, Mona operates a Caribbean Historical Research Unit (CHRU). The CHRU, formerly known as the Social History Project, was established more than three decades ago with a new mandate issued in 2018. The CHRU Director is appointed by the Head of the Department of History and Archaeology. The executive is organized by the Director and includes staff and graduate students in the Department of History and Archaeology.

The CHRU builds on the charge of its predecessor which was principally concerned with guiding and supporting graduate research in Jamaica’s social history since emancipation in 1838. The CHRU has expanded this mandate to include departmental projects, collaborative research, and promoting high quality research in Caribbean History and Heritage with special focus on Jamaica across the centuries. The CHRU facilitates this work through collection and preservation of archival material, symposia, exhibitions, partnerships, and the development of projects of relevance to Caribbean historical studies.

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