Semester 1 - Academic year 2018/19

Course Title Level
HIST1601 The Atlantic World 1400-1600 Year 1
HIST1703 Introduction to History Year 1
HIST1018 The Origins and Growth of Modern Sport, 1850-1945 Year 1
HIST2006 Conquest, Colonization and Resistance in the Caribbean, 1600 to the end of slavery Year 2
HIST2203 Peoples, Wars and Revolution: North America 1600 to 1812 Year 2
HIST2301 The State and Development in Africa 1800-1900 Year 2
HIST2804 A Survey of World Prehistory Year 2
HIST2405 War and Conflict in Europe, 1870 – 1945 Year 2
HIST2901 Heritage Management and Tourism in the Caribbean Year 2
HIST2804 Introduction to Modern Japan Year 2
HIST3013 History of the Jamaican Landscape Year 3
HIST3203 The Black Experience in the United States After 1865 Year 3
HIST3303 Socialism and Development in 20th Century Africa Year 3
HIST3801 Historical Archaeology Year 3
HIST3901 Urban Heritage of Jamaica Year 3
HIST3614 The African Diaspora in the West Year 3