Small amounts of money are available (for MPhil & Ph.D. students) directly from the Department on the recommendation of the supervisor. These small grants are used to support research and work related activities such as:

    Writing up theses
    Travel for the purposes of study and/or research
    Literature searches & reprint purchases (interlibrary)
    Purchase of equipment and materials, etc.

For further advice, consult the Head of Department.

Larger grants are available from the Board for Graduate Studies and Research. Grants for travel to distant archives and for large computer projects are examples. The Board is also very interested in encouraging cross-campus research, meaning that a semester or year could be spent at Cave Hill or St. Augustine carrying out work on a comparative topic. Grants, from the Board, must be applied for by the supervisor.

Scholarships of various sorts are available from the UWI and, occasionally, special scholarships are awarded to History. In 1992/93 the Spirits Pool Association funded a scholarship for research on the history of rum in Jamaica. Jablum has also financed a scholarship for research into the history of the Jamaican coffee industry. One Elsa Goveia Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who is registered for the MPhil or Ph.D. Degree in Caribbean History, or has applied for admission to such a programme and must be a full-time student.

When a thesis or research paper is ready to be typed, a small grant can be obtained to assist, on the recommendation of the Head of Department. In this case the student should apply directly to the HOD.