Master of Arts (Heritage studies)




Master of Arts (Heritage Studies)

Entry requirements: Applicants should normally possess at least a Lower Second Class Honours degree in History, with a very good B average in History courses, but those with relevant qualifications in other disciplines may apply.

Seminars: Completing M.A. candidates are required to present a paper and their research paper topic in the Staff/Graduate seminar workshop held each year in April.

M.A. candidates are required to attend a minimum of 50% of schedule Departmental Seminars each year.

Programme:Students are required to pass six (6) courses, write a research paper (HIST6700) of 10,000 -15,000 words, and undertake a four weeks practicum (HIST6718) at an appropriate organization. 

Graduate students are required to attend the Staff/Graduate Seminars each year.

Courses: The full list of courses is as follows:

Courses offered in 2016-2017

In addition to the courses offered, students must, in each semester, register for:   

HIST6700  Research Paper

Semester I

HIST6701  History & Heritage: Theory and Application
HIST6702  Artifacts, Museums and Archives
HIST6802  Cultural Resource Management

Semester II
HIST6704  Oral History: Sources and Methods
HIST6703  Historic Landscapes and Environmental History
HIST6710  Audiovisual History
HIST6718  Practicum in Heritage Studies [Pre-requisite: Passes in three courses MA Heritage courses offered in Semester 1 and registration for other three Semester 2 MA Heritage courses]
For the practicum, students will be attached to an appropriate institution for four weeks (20days) of 40 hours per week. Students are required to prepare a project proposal, write a reflective journal and prepare a report on the outcome of the implementation of the proposal. The supervisor at the practicum placement site will provide an evaluation report to the programme coordinator; Dr. Aleric Josephs.