Undergraduate Programmes

BA History and Journalism (new)
History and Journalism Majors must complete 90 credits of which, at least, 39 must be in History courses and, at least, 27 in CARIMAC courses. Each course is weighted 3 credits. Students are required to complete the following courses:
Level I
HIST1704:     The Study of the Past in the Atlantic World
HIST1003:     Caribbean Media History Since 1717
JOUR1004:    Principles and Practice of Journalism
JOUR1001:    Writing for Journalism
COMM1234:   Basic Media Production At least ONE other Level I History course
Level II
HIST2006:     Conquest, Colonization and Resistance in the Caribbean, 1600 to the end of slavery
HIST2007:     Freedom, Decolonization and Independence in the Caribbean since 1804
HIST2807:     Digital History
COMM2110:   Media Ethics and Legal Issues
At least ONE other Level II History course ONE of the following: Either JOUR2301: Print Journalism I OR JOUR2801: Television I OR JOUR2401: Broadcast Journalism: Radio 13 B
Level III
History Capstone Seminar I (course code to be announced)
History Capstone Seminar II (course code to be announced)
Any THREE Level III History Electives
JOUR3901:     Journalism Internship
COMM2201:    Introduction to Communication Research Methods (To be done in year III)
ONE of the following:
Either JOUR2004: Broadcast Announcing and Presentation (To be done in year III)
OR LANG3001:      Art of Public Speaking
OR LANG3101:      Communication in the Workplace
ONE of the following:
Either JOUR3301:  Print Journalism II
OR JOUR3801:       Broadcast Journalism : Television II
OR COMM3301:      Radio Journalism