Undergraduate Programmes

History Major


History Majors

History majors must have at least 39 credits in History (or 13 History courses) at the end of their programme of study. Each course is weighted 3 credits

Level 1

All History Majors must take the following courses-:
     HIST1601:         The Atlantic World 1400-1600 and
     HIST1703:         Introduction to History

And at least one other Level One History course.  Students who wish to take more than one can do so.  The courses are as follows-:
     HIST1304:         Africa in World Civilization to 1800
     HIST1407:         Continuity and Change in Early Modern Europe, 1400-1789
     HIST1505:         The Asian World Prior to 1600   
     HIST1801:         Introduction to Archaeology
     HIST1901:         Introduction to Heritage Studies

Level II

The requirements at Level Two are-:

 All History Majors must take-:
     HIST2006: Conquest, Colonization and Resistance in the Caribbean, 1600 to the end of slavery
     HIST2007: Freedom, Decolonization and Independence in the Caribbean since 1804

Any other THREE History courses at Level 2

Level III

History Majors must take-:

At least two Level 3 Caribbean History courses. 


Any other THREE Level 3 History courses